SMS Recharge , HOW?

First Time Every SMS based recharge , We call it as OFFLINE Recharge . Its easy and Simple like just sending a message to your friend .

How It works ,


Step 1:  Fill Your Data in SMS my connect , Your number , Family numbers( postpaid/prepaid ), DTH



Step 2: Fill your wallet as required , Thats it , Now you can recharge , pay bills and Topup by sending SMS



How to send SMS


  • Mobile Recharge(same mobile) : 100 for Rs.100/- From your number   for both prepaid/ postpaid  
  • For family/friends : - It works the same way for every mobile you add , ex: add your friend number in SMS my connect , and ask him to send the message as mentioned above . Amount will be detected from your account.
  • DTH Recharge : DTH 100 for Rs.100 From your number  (please update your main  account number as ex:  9989066665 (without '0' just 10 digits) )